Rental   Day Week Month
Sledge Hammer$12$36$108
String Lights - 50'$15$45$135
Insulated Tarps $10$30$90
17" Floor Sander / Polisher$58$174$522
Clarke EZ8 Floor Sander$75$225$675
Karcher 22" Walk Behind Floor Scrubber$175$525$1575
Pallet Truck$25$75$225
Post Driver$18$54$162
Ridgid CA-150 Inspection Camera$40$120$360
Metal Detector$45$135$405
Stainless Steel Strapping Tensioner$35$105$315
Measuring Wheel$20$60$180
1/2" Torque Wrench$20$60$180
1 Ton Chain Fall$25$75$225
2 Ton Chain Fall$35$105$315
Magnet Sweeper$10$30$90
Magnetic Walk Behind Sweeper$25$75$225
DeWalt Cordless 2 Piece Kit$35$105$315
DeWalt Cordless 5 Piece Kit$45$135$405
Hilti Cordless 3 Piece Kit$40$120$360
Power Fist 100lb Portable Soda Blaster$50$150$450
10' Aluminum Brake$75$225$675
General Roller Stand$20$60$180
Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer$125$375$1125
Job Boxes - Various Sizes$40$120$360
Soldering Kit$20$60$180
183 Piece Stanley Socket Set$25$75$225
Hilti 1/2" Impact Gun$30$90$270
Simoniz 6.5" Polisher - Pads Extra$25$75$225
Temporary Fence Panel 10' x 6' - Includes Top Pins and Bases  $7.50
Traffic Signs$10$30$90
Construction Fence $15$30
Sea Container  $100
Office Container  $425
Surface Protection Mats$15$45$135
Luxury Washroom Trailer $1000$Call For Pricing$Call For Pricing

To rent, call us at 519-461-1050.

Delivery and contractor pricing also available. Equipment supplies also available for most rentals!