Metered Equipment

Rentals based on 8 hour shift for 1 Day rate.
16 Hour Shift at 1.5 Times Rate.
24 Hour Shift at 2 times rate.
Fuel Extra

Rental   Day Week Month
Hand Seeder$5$15$45
Shovel/Rake/Pick Axe$5$15$45
Fertilizer or Seed Spreader$20$60$180
Manual Post Hole Digger$20$60$180
Pull Behind Lawn Sweeper$40$120$360
STIHL FS 110 Trimmer$40$120$360
Yardworks Electric Hedge Trimmer$25$75$225
Yardworks Electric Leaf Blower$30$90$270
Yardworks Electric Leaf Vacuum$35$105$315
STIHL SH 55 Leaf Blower$40$120$360
Husqvarna Backpack Blower$60$180$540
STIHL KM 110 R w Multi Head Attachment$55$165$495
STIHL KM110 R Broom Attachment$35$105$315
STIHL KM110 R Rubber Power Sweeper Attachment$35$105$315
STIHL KM110 R Tree Pruner Attachment$35$105$315
STIHL KM110 R Trimmer Attachment$35$105$315
STIHL KM110 R Hedge Trimmer Attachment$35$105$315
STIHL KM110 R Edger Attachment$35$105$315
STIHL KM110 R Bed Redefiner Attachment$35$105$315
STIHL KM110 R Tiller Head Attachment $35$105$315
STIHL KM110 R Extension$10$30$90
STIHL Gas Powered One Man Auger – Up to 6” Earth Bit$85$255$765
STIHL Gas Powered One Man Auger – 8” Earth Bit or 8” Ice Bit$95$285$855
STIHL Gas Powered One Man Auger Extension$15$45$135
STIHL 2” Earth Bit$15$45$135
STIHL 4” Earth Bit$15$45$135
STIHL 6” Earth Bit$15$45$135
STIHL 8” Earth Bit$15$45$135
STIHL 8” Ice Bit$15$45$135
Ground Hog Towable One Man Auger$80$240$720
Ground Hog One Man Auger 8" Bit$15$45$135
Ground Hog One Man Auger 12" Bit$15$45$135
Ground Hog One Man Auger Extension$10$30$90
Walk Behind Lawn Roller$20$60$180
Honda Powered Lawn Dethatcher$75$225$675
Honda Rototiller$60$180$540
Classen Aerator 40”$85$255$765
Classen Sod Cutter 18”$105$315$945
Cub Cadet Over Seeder$100$380$765
Echo Bear Cat Stump Grinder$150$450$1350
John Deere 1445 Mower$225$675$2025
Kubota 72" Zero Turn Lawn Mower$225$675$2025
Honda 28" Snow Blower$45 Min Charge Includes First Hour of Use, $15 / Half Hour after First Hour  

To rent, call us at 519-461-1050.

Delivery and contractor pricing also available. Equipment supplies also available for most rentals!