Metered Equipment

Rentals based on 8 hour shift for 1 Day rate.
16 Hour Shift at 1.5 Times Rate.
24 Hour Shift at 2 times rate.
Fuel Extra

Rental   Day Week Month
11' Drywall Lift$50$150$450
Sumner 18' Material Lift$50$150$450
512A Multi-Purpose Lift$40$120$360
Clarke Forklift CGP 30$250$750$2250
Forklift Extensions$50$150$450
AWP 25 Personal Lift$125$375$1125
Sky Jack 3219 Scissor Lift$100$300$900
JLG 2030ES Scissor Lift$100$300$900
Sky Jack 3226 Scissor Lift$125$375$1125
Sky Jack 4626 Scissor Lift$125$375$1125
Sky Jack 4632 Scissor Lift$150$450$1350
Genie Z34 Boom Lift$250$750$2250
JLG 450AJ Boom Lift$300$900$2700
JLG 460SJ Boom Lift$300$900$2700
Genie Z60/34 Boom Lift$350$1050$3150
JLG 600S Boom Lift$350$1050$3150
Genie S60 Diesel Boom Lift$350$1050$3150
Genie Z80/60 Boom Lift$550$1650$4950
Sky Jack 6826 Rough Terrain Scissor Lift$150$450$1350
Sky Jack 7027 Rough Terrain Scissor Lift$175$525$1575
Sky Jack 8241 Rough Terrain Scissor Lift $250$750$2250
JLG G9-43A 9,000LB Telehandler$425$1275$3825
JLG G10-55A 10,000LB Telehandler$475$1425$4275
4' - 10' Step Ladder$18$54$162
12' - 16' Step Ladder$25$75$225
24' - 32' Extension Ladder$30$90$270
Gorilla 18' Ladder$30$90$270
Scaffolding  $45 Minimum Charge 
Scaffolding 5' x 5' Ends$1.50$4.50$13.50
Scaffolding Braces$0.25$0.75$2.25
Scaffolding Clips$0.25$0.75$2.25
Scaffolding Railing$0.25$0.75$2.25
Scaffolding Wheels$0.50$1.50$4.50
Scaffolding Feet$0.50$1.50$4.50
Scaffolding Platforms$1.00$3.00$9.00

To rent, call us at 519-461-1050.

Delivery and contractor pricing also available. Equipment supplies also available for most rentals!