Rental   Day Week Month
6" Concrete Edger$10$30$90
14" Finishing Trowel$10$30$90
16" Magnesium Trowel$10$30$90
6' Concrete Float Handle$5$15$45
10' Concrete Float Handle$5$15$45
36" Concrete Broom$30$90$270
48" Channel Bull Float$30$90$270
48" Round End Magnesium Bull Float$30$90$270
6' Concrete Combo Screed$30$90$270
Cement Power Screed Head$100$300$900
8' Cement Power Screed$10$30$90
10' Cement Power Screed$10$30$90
46" Cement Power Trowel$90$270$810
Manual Tile Cutter$22$66$198
20" Wet Tile/Glass Cutter$70$210$630
Hilti 18V/22V Cordless Hammer Drill$50$150$450
Bosch Corded SDS Hammer Drill$30$90$270
SDS Rotary Hammer Drill$35$105$315
Hilti TE 60 Hammer Drill$45$135$405
Milwaukee SDS Max Hammer Drill$45$135$405
Hilti Cordless TE60 Hammer Drill$55$165$495
Hilti TE 70 Chipping/Drilling Kango$55$165$495
SDS Max Bits - Under 2"$28$84$252
SDS Max Bits - 2" - 6"$35$105$315
SDS Max Floor Scrapper - Bit Only - Blades Extra$15$45$135
Bosch Brute Jack Hammer/Demolition Hammer$80$240$720
Electric Cement Mixer$55$165$495
Multiquip Mortar Mixer$90$270$810
Wacker Neuson Vibrator 7½’ long$40$120$360
Dewalt 60V Cut Off Saw$50$150$450
STIHL TS 500i Gas Saw$50$150$450
STIHL Gas Saw Cart$30$90$270
STIHL GS 461 Rock Boss$150$450$1350
Hilti BX-3 Fastening Tool$60$180$540
Hilti BX-3 Fastening Tool Extension $15$45$135

To rent, call us at 519-461-1050.

Delivery and contractor pricing also available. Equipment supplies also available for most rentals!